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Batch Testing & Traceability of Our Supplements

As part of our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), every product batch is assigned a unique batch number identifying the exact product type, as well as the product batch number. Additional information regarding each batch is stored in the Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR), which records the step by step production instructions and real time operational data. When all relevant information concerning raw materials source, supply and storage is added along with relevant packaging and despatch data, the complete history of every product is known before it is released to market.

Why this is important

By undertaking rigorous batch testing and maintaining a comprehensive traceability record of each product, we are best placed to provide our distributors, retailers and ultimately our customers with the highest levels of confidence and trust in our products. It is essential that the claims made by each product are both 100% accurate and 100% verifiable, not just at the time they were made, but at the time they are taken and throughout their entire shelf life. We pride ourselves on our ability to guarantee the quality and label strength of each product which is only possible because our use of quantification analysis at a batch level. Regular internal and external quality control audits ensure that our batch testing and traceability procedures remain optimal.

Why we're different

Our commitment to providing maximum customer confidence in our products can be demonstrated by the fact that we not only maintain a complete traceability history of each product for the duration of its lifetime, we archive this date for a minimum of five years after the expiry of the product. Not only does this provide maximum back trail audit capabilities, it also provides an invaluable source of data which can feed into our research and development for future products. This is why our products are trusted by and suitable for all our customers including healthcare professionals and cater for people with a diverse range of requirements including Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Allergen free and Gluten free.

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