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Synergy Biologics - Come work with us! Contact us about the latest career opportunities

We're always on the look out for passionate people to join the Synergy Biologics' family.

Are you an experienced professional looking for your next career move, or an undergraduate interested in an internship? 

Are you a graduate who's keen to put your degree to practical use, or a postgraduate who wants to continue developing professionally?

Are you looking for work experience, or an apprenticeship?

Whether this is your first step in the healthcare industry or a change in your career - Synergy Biologics is the company for you! 


Synergy Biologics is one of the most innovative, science-led, research based healthcare manufacturers in the UK.

We push ourselves to be our best and work to the highest standards, so we can be proud of everything we do.

We're innovative and not afraid to try different things and break new grounds. We challenge ourselves to try out new experiences and to keep developing products.

We believe that all employees should be allowed to develop and create ideas that they are proud of, so we provide training and development throughout your time at Synergy Biologics. We treat each other fairly, and value and respect the contributions of others. Great things happen when we work together - we get fully involved and work together as one team and family, openly sharing our ideas and seeking out and listening to others - we represent and celebrate the great things and innovations we all do. 


Diversity isn't a strategy; it's an essential part of who we are.

It's our job to make products that are suitable for all.

To do that, we need people working here who represent and reflect the diversity of everyone in the UK. Without people who can bring a diverse mix of ideas, experience and culture, we would not be able to make the innovative and creative products for our customers.

As part of our BRCGS credentials, a big part of our working culture is creating a working environment where everyone feels heard, seen and supported no matter their background, position or experience. 

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