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Synergy Biologics - UK Supplement Manufacturers at The Stamp Factory,  16 Wednesbury Road, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 3QY, England, United Kingdom, UK


"To work with the latest scientific evidence to design, develop and produce innovative sustainable healthcare solutions that will make a real difference to people's lives"

Synergy Biologics High Quality Standards and Values

Our Values

Striving for excellence in everything

Converting creative ideas into effective healthcare solutions

Producing products to the very highest standards

Delivery health solutions that are suitable for all

Respecting the environment and world around us

Fostering the very best relationships with our employees, partners and customers

Our Standards

To work with responsibility sourced, premium quality materials

To use environmentally friendly products and use recyclable materials in our products and packaging wherever possible

To be GM free - only using ingredients from conventional or organic crops

To produce nutritional supplements that do not use any animal derived ingredients and are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegan and Halal and Kosher certified ingredients and materials

Synergy Biologics is a cruelty free company and does not engage in or support any form of animal testing

All nutritional supplement sites and procedures comply with GMP, HACCP and ISO Standards.

All nutritional supplement manufacturing sites are certified as Halal by HMC and as Kosher by KLBD

Synergy Biologics products, processes and services have all been scientifically researched and have evidence based facts behind every idea
Synergy Biologics - UK Food Supplement and Raw Material Manufacturer
Synergy Biologics ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Synergy Biologics GMP Certified UK
Synergy Biologics is a HACCP Certified Manufacturing Facility for Nutraceuticals in the UK
Synergy Biologics - Halal Certified
Synergy Biologics Kosher Certified KLBD
Synergy Biologics - Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved
Synergy Biologics - Vegetarian Society Approved
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