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Quality Assurance

Quality pervades everything we do at Synergy Biologics and is evident in the entire life cycle of every nutritional supplement product we make. This begins with meticulous control over the source and supply of all raw materials, which are rigorously checked against stringent quality standards before they can be used in product production. The production processes themselves are deliberately designed so that only after the successful completion and validation of each stage can the next begin. Each blister of capsules and every bottle of liquid produced also undergoes a detailed visual inspection to check for any cosmetic defect, wrong labelling or incorrect packaging. Further quality assurance is then provided by microbiological and quantification analysis at a batch level before the product is released into the market.

Why this is important

By recognising the centrality of quality at each stage, the appropriate steps can be taken to ensure that the highest levels of quality are delivered. From a strategic manufacturing perspective, this means utilising an ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that each process step has been correctly followed, not just in terms of internal procedure, but also to comply with any regulatory requirements. This ensures all correct validation methods have been followed and relevant documentation and procedures are accurately in place to HACCP Standards for Food Supplements. Quality assurance also extends to ensuring all operators are suitability qualified and trained on an ongoing basis. It even involves maximising product quality throughout its shelf life by providing instructions for the optimal handling and distribution of the finished product.

Why we're different

Our commitment to quality assurance across the entire life cycle of the product means that we can maximise customer confidence in our products. Internal and external quality control audits enable us to implement appropriate product and process quality control improvements as soon as these become available. This is why our nutritional supplements are trusted by healthcare professionals and the general public and are suitable for people with a diverse range of requirements including Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Allergen free and Gluten free.

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