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Nutraceutical Manufacturing Capability

We take a holistic, product life cycle approach to manufacturing for our entire range of nutraceutical products, with consistency of quality being the underlying driver. From the outset, each ingredient, process and equipment utilised must meet our exacting standards. Carefully vetted procurement ensures that raw materials including including active ingredients, excipients and packaging, can only be procured from approved and qualified vendors. Our food products are manufactured in our own ISO Class 6 and 7 positively pressurised clean room facility to provide exemplary levels of contamination free temperature and humidity control. While each production process is subject to its own detailed quality control process, each completed batch undergoes meticulous microbiological and quantification analysis before it is released into the market.

Why this is important

By controlling each step of the manufacturing process, not only can we ensure the most consistent high-quality levels that our customers demand, we are also best placed to fine tune and adapt these processes. This might be due to changes in regulatory requirements, changes in customer taste or the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technological innovations or manufacturing methodologies. It also allows us to adopt a joined-up manufacturing approach where each step seamlessly integrates with the next, allowing cumulative quality control to be engineered into the actual process itself. This in turn minimises risk while maximising flexibility and agility within the manufacturing process as a whole.

Why we are different

The ability to control our manufacturing capabilities in such a way means we can be much closer to our customers and provide a trusted range of products tailored to best meet their needs. And, because each batch is subject to quantification analysis, we can guarantee the quality and label strength of each product - something not all manufacturers can do. This is why our nutraceutical products are trusted by all our customers including healthcare professionals and are suitable for people with a diverse range of dietary requirements including Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Allergen free and Gluten free.

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