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Our research-based nutraceutical healthcare products division is committed to implementing the highest standards of manufacturing methodologies as well as the latest technological innovations


Every stage of the manufacturing process is carried out entirely within our purpose-built UK based manufacturing facility which provides not only the most rigorous levels of quality control and batch traceability, but also exceptional flexibility when it comes to small batch manufacturing and bespoke lab scale production

Synergy Biologics Food Dietary Supplement Manufacturer
Synergy Biologics UK Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Walsall, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, UK



At Synergy Biologics, every ingredient and process step involved in the manufacture of our entire range of research-based nutraceuticals and dermatological healthcare products is rigorously monitored, logged and securely stored. Our quality levels are more than just assurance, they can be completely trusted as they are demonstrably proven, down to a specific batch or even an individual product.

Synergy Biologics Batch Testing and Traceability
Synergy Biologics Quality Assurance


For Synergy Biologics, providing unrivalled quality assurance lies at the heart of delivering our range of successful research-based nutraceuticals and dermatology healthcare products. Not only is every process step designed from the outset to the highest quality standards, each one is also subject to a series of rigorous testing and validation criteria to ensure these standards have been attained, giving our customers the highest levels of quality assurance.

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