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Synergy Biologics BRC Grade AA!

Synergy Biologics are proud to announce that in our most recent BRCGS Food Safety audit - we were awarded the highly prestigious - Grade AA!

The BRCGS Standard for Food Safety, was the first Standard to be recognised by GFSI in 2000. Covering the following requirements, the Standard has been developed to take a common sense approach towards achieving certification:

• Senior management commitment

• The food safety plan - HACCP

• Food safety and quality management systems

• Site standards

• Product control

• Process control

• Personnel

• High-risk, high-care and ambient high-care production risk zones

• Requirements for traded products

Synergy Biologics completed the audit in September 2020 to the latest Standard. BRCGS published Issue 8 of the Food Safety Standard in 2018, which came in to force for all audits conducted from 1st February 2019.

The audit was conducted by UK Food Certification Limited and is applicable to dried foods and ingredients that are in the form of liquid and powder blending of health food supplements, packed into HPMC capsules, blister packs, pouches PET and glass bottles for ambient storage.

BRC Site Code: 1337653


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